14. November 2019

What is the most powerful strategy to sell an empty property?

At the Jetika Group, we give a breath of new life to the empty and sad spaces.

In addition to the standard services that we already offer:

  • Photo shooting and pictures post-production
  • Professional video delivered in 48 hours, which includes authorized drone flight (we own a professional DJI Inspire drone)
  • Emotional music that fits the property (we are subject to royalties’ fee)
  • Appealing, professional and passionate description of the property in 3 languages IT, DEU, ENG which also includes the real estate market rating in the specific area of interest (delivered 24 hours after the photo shooting)
  • Property promotion on our website (translated in 3 languages)
  • Professional dossier translated in the language spoken by the potential buyer, other than IT, DEU, ENG (our freelancer partners around the world can deliver it in 24 hours)
  • Automatic matching between the new property in portfolio and requests received from clients (notification is given by our latest generation software)
  • Marketing campaigns on the most relevant social media platforms to target the perfect buyer (we offer 3 days paying advertisement per month)
  • Unlimited advertisements on most of the classic real estate platforms (we are subject to billing)
  • Networking with our international partners (real estate agencies, family offices, legal advisors, bank advisors, etc…)

We added this new feature:



Virtual furniture helps the buyer to gain a better 3D vision of the spaces and gives a fresh new look to the numerous properties which may have been on the market for too long. With such expensive tools, the client-owner can understand what transparency means and how we justify our fair commission in line with the market without any anticipated, additional or hidden costs, in terms of people, work, performance and money.
Our continuous improvement to standardize what somewhere else could be interpreted as “premium service” is a key aspect of our mission and business culture, translated into our values: „Excellence as standard“. This is a fundamental aspect of our philosophy which makes us very proud to be a solid, client-oriented Company which offers valuable services.