14. November 2019

Property for rent: 6 precautions you need to take before you move

The entire transfer process must be planned in detail to avoid future inconveniences. The choice of the property, the verification and the validation of all documents are essential, but it is also necessary to take further steps before moving to the new home. With some care you can prevent unexpected situations.

Find out the main precautions to take before moving permanently to a rented property:

  1. Contract Review
    Review the contract and make sure that each point has been discussed and agreed, eliminating any doubt. Problems can be quite common, but they are easier to negotiate and resolve once identified at the beginning of the process.
  2. Rental fee and additional costs
    Find out about the amount of additional costs to avoid excessive monthly expenses that are dangerous for your wallet. Often these expenses are paid separately by the tenant, but they can also be included in the monthly rental fee. In order not to have any nasty surprises, clarify immediately which costs are included in the additional expenses and if there is a balance at the end of the year.
  3. Find out about your neighborhood
    It is likely that the owner will tell you that the area is very quiet, as are the neighbors. Try to assess for yourself whether this corresponds to the reality, based on the location and services nearby, such as bus stops, parking lots, shopping malls and traffic.
  4. Moisture stains
    Mould is very unpleasant, not only because of the bad smells it emits, but also because of the impact it has on our health. In fact, breathing the spores of the mould can be very dangerous.
    For this reason it is very important to check in depth all the walls of the house in advance and verify that these do not have signs of moisture. If so, this means that the owner does not maintain the property well or that it has more serious structural problems. The owner is obliged to remove the mold in any way, restoring the property in good condition.
  5. Report structural defects
    Upon delivery of the apartment, inspect the apartment with the owner or administration and record anything that is broken, damaged, or malfunctioning, such as signs on the wall, damaged windows, or faulty outlets. It would also be a good idea to photograph the defects and attach the images in a report, then signed by both parties. From this moment it is necessary to report the defects by registered letter in a period of time ranging from 10 to 30 days, depending on what is indicated in the contract. This operation is very important to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, when the apartment will be released. Without any notification, in fact, the owner would have the right to be compensated for damages, although these were already present from the beginning.
  6. Are you an incoming?
    If you are an incoming and the previous tenant had made some changes, such as painting a wall, establish clear and round with the owner who is responsible for the costs of restoring the property in its initial condition at the time of return.

These important, although simple, precautions will save you money and unforeseen circumstances. Relying on an agency allows you not to take these risks and to receive valuable advice for concluding a lease. In addition to having a professional service in the organization of documentation and guarantee on the contract, Jetika Group SA also assists you in finding the ideal property and in its inspection at the time of delivery. For a guarantee of safety and practicality, contact us and speak with one of our consultants. We will be happy to help you from the beginning to the end of your transfer!

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