14. November 2019

New European drone regulation

From mid-2020 a regulation will be introduced at European level to track them and keep them under control. Switzerland is already at the forefront of this sector.

They invaded the skies and then, slowly, even the social networks. Let’s talk about drones, today built in every shape and size and sold at affordable prices to virtually everyone. But like any growing phenomenon, it also presents problems, which essentially concern the relations with traditional air traffic. In fact, it often happens to hear reports of accidents between drones and airplanes, or problems concerning privacy. In Switzerland, however, the situation is under control and, as the Department of the territory states, as well as the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, this is one of the most advanced countries in the regulation of the use of drones.

A new system
The spokesman of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Antonello Laveglia, reported a few days ago to the Swiss newspaper Corriere del Ticino that there is no register for these aircraft and the police have difficulty finding the owner. However, explains Laveglia, in a year this situation should change: „Both at Swiss and European level concrete steps have been taken towards a new legal basis.

From a legislative point of view, a small online test will be introduced for pilots. Furthermore, the drones, as well as the pilots, will have to be registered in a special platform before they can fly. This will therefore allow you to have a record and solve the problem.

From the technical point of view, instead, a new interface will be created, named „U-Space“, and it will allow the coexistence of drones with traditional aviation“.

Currently air traffic control cannot see drones, so pilots cannot do it either. With „U-Space“ it will instead be possible to trace them and keep them under control. In simple terms, it is a radar for drones. But when will this law take effect? „Switzerland at drone level is far ahead: we are the only country in the European Union that plans to introduce this system by mid-2020“.

Jetika’s specialization
In summary, from the next year it will be necessary a sort of license to make the drones fly in Swiss public areas and all the air zones will be much more controlled. We at Jetika Group SA are really attentive to macro-environmental changes and we believe that this is fundamental to keep up with the times and remain competitive on the market. It is for this reason that we have continuously updated professional collaborators, so that we can continue to offer our real estate promotion services to customers, in compliance with the regulations.

At Jetika, since the beginning of our activities we started to integrate drone video flights and interiors video tours in the presentation of properties to our social media audience.
Our main objective is to capture the attention of potential clients through a more immediate medium of communication such as a video-clip. Studies show that retention rates for information that is both seen and heard is as high as 80 percent. Those numbers drop to 20 percent for information that is seen and just 10 percent for information that is heard. Those data show clearly how much combining visual and audio is powerful.
For this reason we are happy to be in continuous development and to be able to continue to offer one of the most exclusive services in the real estate sector: the video promotion.
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