14. November 2019

Buying a house – How important is a trusted partner in your real estate search?

Lack of trust, conflicts of interest, incomplete or even poor services: these are the main concerns that create scepticism in those looking for a home with regard to Swiss real estate agencies. These are the challenges facing the real estate market today.

When you are looking for a home, you have to face many doubts and questions. One might ask, for example, whether the search site is suited to the needs of one’s own household, whether the price of a house is cheap, or whether the object in question does not hide defects.
Those who want to be sure on all fronts often rely on specialist companies that deal with these issues for the customer in advance. However, there are many people who feel to be able to deal with the whole operation alone and decide not to commission any agency and take care of the research themselves.

Trust, often, is the main cause of this choice, in fact establishing a relationship is difficult in the first meeting and you may wonder if you are in contact with the right person. If you are looking for a home, you may not trust the real estate agency and you are not willing to provide the personal data necessary for an effective search for your home. In fact, in order to find the right home for his client, it is essential that the real estate consultant has at his disposal a range of information that may also be confidential. Let’s take as an example the number of children, income, personal wealth or even daily habits. Usually, these are all indications that require a relationship of trust at the base before being given and that many buyers are not willing to give, thus making the work of the real estate developer more difficult and decreasing its effectiveness in terms of results.

Another cause of this scepticism is the commission the real estate agency receives for its work. In many countries, such as Italy, the intermediaries in the sector receive a bilateral sales commission, both from the seller and from the buyer. In Switzerland, on the other hand, it is customary for a sales commission to be received only by the principal, i.e. the seller of the real estate, who commissions the sales transaction from the agent. The unilateral commission can therefore give rise to worries for potential buyers: one might think that real estate agencies, being paid only by the seller, do only the interests of the latter, in order to make it earn money, thus not bothering to meet the needs of those who want to buy.
This is the thought that many people make, believing that intermediaries choose to their customers houses not on the basis of their real needs, but on the basis of the pressure they receive from the sellers.

Why Jetika Group?
Jetika was born from a need for independence and ethics, in a time of market, where some organizations, fortunately not all, think only of their own advantage and forget the duties we have to the customer.
Safeguarding our values and corporate culture is extremely important to us, which is why those who work at Jetika have much greater goals than profit. Our main goal is to establish healthy and trustworthy relationships with our customers through strict professional secrecy and to best meet their needs. Maintaining a high standard of quality and daily pursuit of excellence is a source of great pride for us. „Excellence as standard“ is our motto and in order to respect it we constantly try to offer an exemplary service that is oriented to the needs of the market. We perceive Jetika Group as a private jet that assists and accompanies the customer in all phases of the transaction, adapting to his needs.
When the potential buyer gives us what he is looking for, we always put ourselves in his shoes and, once we have made an accurate customer profile, we make sure that he is a satisfied customer. If, on the other hand, housing offers are not suitable for the needs of the market, we try as intermediaries to make the seller aware and thus find solutions for both parties.

Do you want to be helped in your search?
If you are looking for someone who understands your real needs and you want to share your concerns with us, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to select the best housing solutions that meet your interests and to accompany you in buying the house of your dreams.